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Our Pick

I don’t frequently wear gloves while building. Most of them feel too bulky to me and I’m always afraid they are going to get caught in a power tool or something. I really like to have my hands on and feeling the materials I am working with.

The one exception when I do wear gloves is while working on the metal roofing. The roof panels can have extremely sharp edges and the enamel surfaces can be slippery. MaxiFlex Foam Nitrile Gloves address both of these issues by adding an extra anti-slip layer to your hands. They fit snug against the skin, yet are breathable so they won’t cause excessive sweating. These are gloves that do their job, without getting in the way.

Work Glove

Some of our builders that don’t mind wearing gloves really like the Custom Leathercraft Handyman Flex Grip Gloves. They do fit well, but when I put them on I feel like I’m going skiing, not working.

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