Wire Strippers

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Our Pick

Wire stripers are multi-purpose tools, but they are primarily used to easily remove the sheathing from wires during installation. They can also be used as pliers, wire cutters, and screw cutters.

The quality of the wire strippers in your tiny house tool arsenal can determine if your electrical installation is easy or hard. Klein Tools is a recognized name when it comes to electrical tools, so it was no surprise that the Klein Tools 11055 Kurve Wire Stripper/Cutter was selected by our team as the best wire strippers from the batch we tested. We might have been a little biased as each of our testers have this exact tool in their personal collection, but I thought that spoke volumes as well.

If you end up selecting a different set of strippers, be sure that whichever ones you pick are spring loaded like the Klein’s. That feature alone significantly speeds up the installation and results in less hand fatigue.

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