Telescoping Ladder

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A high-quality telescoping ladder is a great alternative to a medium length extension ladder. They both reach to similar heights, but the telescoping ladder has some distinct advantages. Specifically, it collapses to a size that is significantly smaller than an extension ladder. This makes it easier to transport, both from job site to job site, as well as within the jobsite. Also, since a telescoping ladder doesn’t need to be fully extended to function, it can be used as a smaller ladder in tighter spaces when needed.

We’ve used several different brand telescoping ladders, and not all are created equal. Some were considerable flimsy considering their intended function, and others had design flaws that are more likely to result in injure as they are folded up. One telescoping ladder that we tried and were impressed with was the Xtend and Climb Contractor Series 15.5ft. It was supper sturdy and easy to operate.

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