Hand Tools - Reviews and Buyer's Guide

Our Pick

I good set of screwdrivers is something every homeowner needs. Because of the simplicity of this tool you may think that they are all created equal, but some sets are made with better, harder steel. This will result in them not wearing down as quickly and thus lasting longer. Assuming they are used properly and cared for, you can expect a high quality set of screwdrivers to last a lifetime.

In addition to being high quality, the set you select should include a variety of different sizes to accommodate various screw sizes. We found the DeWalt 10-Piece Standard Screwdriver Set to match all of our criteria. This set is also color coded depending on the tip type to make them easier and faster to locate in your toolbox.

This set comes with a lifetime replacement guarantee, however, I have personally never needed to take any of them up on their offer because of the reliability of this type of tool.

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