Hand Tools - Reviews and Buyer's Guide

Our Pick

With the growing popularity and adoption of pneumatic nail guns and impact drivers, hammers are no longer used as much as they once were. However, they are still a required tool on every job site.


We tested 6 different hammers and found the Estwing 20-ounce Straight Claw to be the best available for the tiny home builder. Its 20-ounce weight provides a good balance of strike force and low user fatigue.

This hammer also comes in a curved claw version. While the straight claw is not as efficient as the curved claw at pulling out nails, it is a lot more versatile. I can’t tell you how many times I have struck two boards with the claw of a hammer to split or separate them. You just can’t do that with a curved claw.

Our pick for the best all around hammer is the Estwing 20-ounce Straight Claw. The Estwing is a few dollars more than our runner up, the Stanley 20-Ounce FatMax Rip Claw, which is also a great hammer. But this Estwing hammer will last you a lifetime and is made in the USA, which is always worth a few extra bucks in my opinion.

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