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Eye Protection is an absolute must. There have been several times that I have been working and had something fly up and take a chunk out of my eye protection. Each time I have paused and thought about the outcome had I not been wearing protection. If you don’t wear eye protection, it is extremely likely that you will get hurt while building your house. So of all the protective gear I’m writing about here, eye protection is in my opinion the most important.

Eye Protection

A simple and affordable option is 3M Virtua Protective Eyewear. They’re not fancy, and not particularly stylish, but they are comfortable, fog resistant, and provide good coverage. Their low cost is also nice considering all brands scratch easily.

If you are looking for a more stylish option that can also serve as sunglasses, 3M and Dewalt make a better looking tinted version. Unfortunately neither of these options fit over prescription glasses, which is a must for me.

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